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Doug “Freighttrain” Ernst

Vice President
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State Where You Reside:           Minnesota              

Number of Years on the Board and Role(s):  

  • 2015 – Present Secretary  


Base Ball Experience:  

I have played and assisted as umpire for 11 years with the Quicksteps Base Ball Club of Minnesota. I also play with the St. Croix Base Ball Club of Stillwater. I also play with the Minnesota Union Traveling team. With the three clubs I have played in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, DC, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Colorado. I have served as player, umpire, field captain and now Manager of the Quicksteps. This is my first year on the VBBA Board. I participated in the planning for the National VBBA Convention held in Rochester, MN.                                                                                                                                                     



I have been married to my wife, Bev Benson for 25 years, we have two children, Robb (19) and Elizabeth (12). I am a former English and History instructor and am currently a Historic Interpreter at “The Landing”, A Living History Site in Shakopee, MN. I also write biographical essays, short stories, have directed plays and judge high school speech meets.


If you are interested in supporting the VBBA by serving on one of the committees below, please contact the committee chair listed below.

Rules and Customs Committee

The VBBA Rules and Custom Committee shall conduct appropriate historical research into the way the game was played in the mid-nineteenth century and other historical eras and shall share its findings with the Association and member clubs in order to establish and improve historical authenticity. The scope of the committee shall include customs, uniforms, equipment, and conventions as well as the dissemination of and interpretation of rules. Feel free to email the committee with your questions and concerns at

Marketing Committee

Helen DeGeatano

Organizational Structure

Jim Kimnach

East Coast Regional Liaison

John Shanahan

West Coast Regional Liaison

Aaron Staab

Membership Committee

Corky Gaskell

Nominating Committee

Gary Schiappacasse, Doug Ernst, and VBBA Member in Good Standing to be named by the President

Judiciary Committee

John Shanahan, Corky Gaskell, Helen DeGeatano

Communications Committee

Gary Schiappacasse (Chair), Doug Ernst (Newsletter Editor), Dylan Schuster (Webmaster), Doug Ernst, Corky Gaskell, Erik Sjogren (Technology Consultant)

Sideline Interpreter Committee

Gib Young, Doug Ernst

Convention Committee

Gary Schiappacasse (Chair), Corky Gaskell, Dennis Wiegmann