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1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings

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Photo of 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings

In 1869, the Cincinnati Base Ball Club, led by Hall Of Famer Harry Wright, shocked the sporting world by becoming the first openly all-professional base ball nine. Dressed in knickerbockers with flashy crimson hosiery, the team became known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

The team barnstormed the nation coast-to-coast, challenging – and defeating – every base ball club it played that year. With their amazing 57-o record in 1869, the Red Stockings introduced America to the new game of base ball and put Cincinnati on the sporting map.

Today, the Cincinnati Red Stockings are re-introducing 1869 base ball to the Queen City and the Midwest, educating folks on a special time in baseball’s history while entertaining fans of the game young and old. Their home field is at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods Park. Here at home, the game is played as faithfully as possible to 1869 rules and customs – barehanded fielding, uniforms and equipment generally made to the standards of the day, no leagues or champions, and much more. It is played by gentlemen with a true respect and appreciation for the game and its participants… the way baseball was meant to be played.

The Red Stockings also travel to play other vintage clubs. Most vintage base ball is played by rules used during the Civil War. This makes Heritage Village one of the very few places in the world where you can see base ball as the famous Cincinnati Red Stockings played it that fateful year of 1869.