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Marcus Dickson

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Baseball has always been a passion of mine, and the history of the game is also fascinating to me. I play “vintage base ball” at Greenfield Village, a historic village that is part of The Henry Ford, in Dearborn, Michigan. We play using the rules, customs, equipment, and style of play of 1867, including underhand pitching, no gloves, and all the rules of that era when the game was still becoming America’s National Game. At Greenfield Village, I go by the nickname of “Razorback,” in honor of my family’s historical home and farm in Arkansas. I am also a member of the Vintage Base Ball Association, and previously served as a member of VBBA’s Board of Directors (as a Trustee) and of the Rules and Customs Committee, trying to investigate the rules of the early game of base ball, to be sure that we who play by those rules fully understand their meaning.