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Dave “Big Dog” Brooks

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State Where You Reside: Ohio              

Number of Years on the Board and Role(s):

  • 2007 – 2009 VBBA Trustee
  • 2015 – Present VBBA Treasurer

Base Ball Experience:  

As a Cincinnati Red Stocking I have played vintage base ball in 17 states. I started playing this wonderful game in 2000 when the Red Stockings were formed. I have been pitching for the team most of the time, but have played other positions. One game I played in the outfield with two other teammates, Knuckles Phillips and Pic Dieckmann. That is the only 200 year old outfield I have ever seen. I have been honored to play with many teams across North America. Most frequently, the Cincinnati Buckeyes allow me to join them on the field. The 1869 Red Stockings is the team that has my heart and I hope to play many more years with them. They have taken me to more than 80 different fields – everything from major league parks to sandlots to beautiful historic venues. My favorite of all these is our home field we share with the Cincinnati Buckeyes – Heritage Village Museum in Sharon Woods

I have been honored to be married to Laura Weaver Brooks since 1971. She always encourages me to play base ball – what a wonderful lady! I worked in manufacturing accounting for 35 years before retiring.