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My brother Al introduced me to vintage base ball in 1997 at the Sylvania Cup; it is the best thing he ever did for me. He had been a baseball fanatic and researcher since he was a kid. I was not a history buff, but I loved playing baseball. When I was introduced to 1860s base ball I was quickly hooked. I already loved baseball, but the 1860s rules were great fun, and wearing the uniform and living history at the same time was a thrill that is hard for me to put into words. I became fascinated by the fact that you can feel the evolution of the game by reading the rules from 1845 to 1869 (the year my club the 1869 Red Stockings play). I have read those rules many times, and every time I get a better understanding of how and why the game evolved. I believe that the important thing is not the number of clubs playing vintage base ball, but the quality of clubs playing vintage base ball. I want to help the VBBA get accurate information to vintage base ball clubs so that we are teaching history, not re-writing it.