Officers, Trustees, & Committees


If you are interested in supporting the VBBA by serving on one of the committees below, please contact the committee chair listed below.

Communications Committee

This committee oversees the aspects of the VBBA communications including email, newsletter and the website.

Chair: Open
Website: Dylan Schuster
Newsletter: Andy Phillips
Social Media: Corky Gaskell
Secretary: Doug Ernst

Membership Committee

This committee works to solicit new members and provide information on the VBBA.

Chair:  Corky Gaskell
Members: Matt Bartnicki, Dave Brooks, John Shanahan, Brad Shaw, Helen DeGeatano

Rules & Customs Committee

This committee examines the various rules of play and developing the correct interpretations of them.

Chair: Open
Members: Bill Dieckmann, Marcus Dickson, Paul Hunkele, Glenn Drinkwater, Bob Tholkes, Eric Miklich, Jake Newcomb, Darrin Tenney

Nominating Committee

Club President chairs this committee, and he will appoint two other committee members; one a member of the Executive board and one not on the Board, but a good-standing member.

Chair: Brad Shaw
Members: Jim Kimnach, Doug Ernst

Sideline Interpreters Committee

Positions available! Non-playing, costumed participants on member clubs are eligible for participation. Contact Jim Kimnach to apply

Chair:  Jim Kimnach

Judiciary Committee 

Members of this committee are on the Executive Board.

Marketing Committee:

This committee will work on ways to brand the VBBA more, nationally.

Chair:  Bruce Leith
Members: Jake Newcomb, John Shanahan, Dave Brooks