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Membership in the Vintage Base Ball Association is open and available to clubs as well as to individuals who would like to support the organization. Memberships are vital to the organization's success. With membership, not only do you help the VBBA, but you receive the Base Ball Player's Chronicle newsletter and are invited to attend the annual convention. Your club will also be listed as a member club on the website.


  • Active members will have continued access to the user-friendly website.

  • Each member club is listed on the website.

  • Members will benefit from the VBBA’s 501c3 status

  • Members will have access to a brain trust of leading historical experts in the infancy of the game of base ball.

  • Members have access to rules interpretations for use when reenacting the match.

  • Members benefit from group support when service providers lack the level of service you deserve.

  • THERE'S MORE!  FREE WEB HOSTING! This is for any VBBA Full Member Club that does not have their own site, and would like a basic 3 page website for club information, schedule, history, etc. Your web address would be Click on that link to see a sample website.

Membership Forms

Membership & Renewal Form (MS Word & OpenOffice)
Rebate Application (PDF)

Membership Levels

  • Member Clubs $50

    • For full-fledged vintage club nines who play at least six games a year. Each club receives two votes.

  • Associate Clubs $35

    • For vintage clubs which, for whatever reason, do not qualify or do not wish to become full members. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

  • Individual Donors $10

    • For individual ballists, civilian interpreters, base ball historians, fans, etc. who wish to support the mission of the VBBA. Individual members do not have voting privileges.

Membership Dues

Member dues are renewable each December. Send dues to

Rich Arpi
VBBA Treasurer
2445 Londin Lane East, Unit 410
Maplewood, Minnesota 55119

To learn more about becoming a member, please Contact The Membership Chair.

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