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About the Game

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New York, Massachussets vintage base ball clubs.. I have had a request for a club to show up in Altamont, NY for a sesquicentenial event. Aug 14-15. Can you please share this with clubs anywhere near there so we can get her an answer ?

If there is interest, contact me and I will get you the ladies email and contact info.
Yes, I realize it is a weird request, but getting presence here might help .. and instead of a nerf ball, i can make a very soft town ball type ball that might work. Thanks....

The 125th Anniversary Committee from the Altamont Fair (Altamont New York) would like to demonstrate a vintage baseball game from the 1890s to help celebrate our anniversary.

We would like the players to wear vintage uniforms and play using a Nerf ball. Dates for this would be August 14 and or 15 2018. If you would be able to help us with this we would appreciate it. Thank you.

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Hit by pitch is a hot topic on another page I follow, and I thought it was a good educational discussion that I wanted to bring it over here.

If we start with 1860, we see the following in the Beadles Dime Book.

SEC. 20. Any player, who shall intentionally prevent an adversary from catching or fielding the ball, shall be declared out.

while the section number changes over the years, this basic rule stays in over the years.

It wasnt until 1872 when calling out the actual striker who would "designedly let the ball hit him" become written.

I understand many clubs still use the early 1850s method of "feeder pitching" so this doesnt become an issue, and sometimes strikers will let it hit them and feign being hurt, but please keep in mind, the ball is LIVE. Runners could advance.

So "technically" letting a pitched ball hit you could get you put out on an interference call. Obviously the swifter pitching teams cannot claim this as often, as the striker may not have as much time to react, but runners should be on their toes, and should a pitched ball bound away after striking a batter, you should have the right to try to advance, just as you have that right at any time the ball is live.

Anyone actually follow this ? or are most still just treating it as a dead ball and no running is allowed ?

As an umpire, do you ask strikers not to "catch the ball" if it is coming at them ? since this is clearly interference..

I hope this is a good educational discussion topic, and ask that you keep the comments to that point.. educational. No calling out others on how they play.. please.. Post so others can learn.

On a side note, swift pitchers of the era would use that inside pitch or pitch at a player for intimidation, but usually when there were no runners on base, as they knew the ball could get away and runners would advance.

Maybe if you didnt know this before, it will help you adjust your play to account for this, or at least understand how it affects the play.

For the love of the game..

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