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About the Game

We play by the rules and customs of base ball as it was played in the 1860s.

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A question was asked.. and I believe it was answered once before.. quite awhile back, so will address it here again today and see if anything new pops up.

The situation. 1860 base ball match. No hands lost. Runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases. Striker hits a ground ball to anywhere.. lets say first base to make it simple.

The first baseman touches first base with his foot with the ball in his hand, before the striker reaches first base.

He then throws the ball home to the catcher, who catches it while standing on home plate before the runner from third base gets to the home plate,

and then the catcher throws the ball to the third baseman, who catches the ball before the runner from second base reaches third base.

How many are out ?

I am going to post the section on the First Baseman from Beadles, 1860 as a picture. And then another as 1865 Beadles describes it.

For some reason, I think there was a discussion about how there was a letter to the editor stating this was not the case in 1860 ? or maybe somewhere between 1860 and 1865 that this was printed up wrong in the guide ??

anyway, if you have info on this to share.. please do.. as most clubs i know that play 1860, follow the Beadles as written in the First Base section of the guide..

1862 Beadles is written just as 1860. I dont have an 1864 guide to compare.. so first time I see it written the "modern day" way, is 1865.

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What information do you have about the first base ball club in your state ? Lets use this post to have people comment, with citations if you have them, on the first club in your state, and what we might learn from that.

I will start with Minnesota and post the citation I have (in the comments). Maybe someone will find something that happened BEFORE that !! and we can learn from it, but lets see what we can learn about as many states as we can.

Hope you can find the time to participate... and be a part of this fun, yet educational post.. hopefully 🙂

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For some of us, we are heading into our off seasons as winter approaches. For others, generally in the south, they may just be starting up their seasons. For the same reason the northerners take off for the cold of winter, the southerners take off for the heat of summer !

Games I am sure will be starting up in Florida, Arizona, Texas, southern California. Are there others ?

So if you are just getting underway, or have a winter season planned, keep us up to date. While some of us sit and wait for spring, we can live vicariously through you folks from the southern states. 🙂 and maybe even some will catch a plane and come join you .. if you will have us..

Also, it is a good time to catch up on some reading. If you really want to understand the history of the game, and how it was really played, there are some good books out there.

I can recommend a few that stick to the history:

Baseball before we knew it. David Block
Baseball's First Inning. William Ryczek
Baseball in the Garden of Eden. John Thorn

Then, take some time to research game accounts from newspapers. So many are digitized these days, they are easy to find. Game accounts from the 1850s and 1860s can tell you so much about how the New York game was played, to help you understand how to better portray your own clubs playing style. Try not to mix town ball with Massachusetts ball with New York ball with your own modern adds and call it a game as it was played in that era. Try to be true to the history. Show those early pioneers of the game the respect they so deserve. "Good people" make the game fun. You dont need the "extras" to get people's attention.

if you need help, the VBBA Rules and Customs committee is here to help you. They have tons of years of experience researching and interpreting the New York game, and they do so without regard to region so they are a very unbiased group that can help you play the game as it was played in the 19th century. They can be reached via the vbba.org website, or just drop a message here and I will get it to them.

Dont waste the off season. Get yourselves ready for 2019. Keep your bodies and your minds in shape !

For the love of the game.

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